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Originally constructed as a bungalow in the 1920’s and altered over the past 100 years, we were approached to create a spectacular renovation to this coastal residence.

Alteration works focused on improving physical and visual connections between the interior and exterior spaces to better enjoy outdoor living and sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean.

New doors and bifold kitchen windows open out onto a large cantilevered deck, provided with an operable louvre roof, outdoor heaters and sliding shutters to allow the owners to enjoy this sun-drenched outdoor entertaining space in privacy.

A talented team of consultants and craftspeople including Inside-out Design and Pocket Structural Engineers worked alongside the owners and DJ Hewitt Builders to transform the home through extensive and detailed alterations.

Exterior works including a new copper roof, double glazed timber windows, cedar shingles and decorative timber detailing work together in harmony with the extensive interior alterations to create a calm and comfortable coastal retreat, reminiscent of Cape Cod's iconic seaside homes.





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