Johnston Architects 001 Beach House Taieri Mouth Bach Dunedin
Johnston Architects 002 Holiday Home Taieri Mouth Bach Dunedin Otago
Johnston Architects 003 Beach House Taieri Mouth Dunedin Otago
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Johnston Architects 005 New Home Otago Architects Beach Coast Design
Johnston Architects 006 Taieri Mouth Bach Dunedin
Johnston Architects 007 Taieri Mouth Bach NZ Wood Design Awards
Johnston Architects 008 Award Winning Architects Crib New Zealand Residential
Johnston Architects 009 Small House Living Taieri Mouth Bach New Zealand Architects
Johnston Architects 010 Bach Design Little House
Johnston Architects 011 Residential Architects Holiday Home Bach New Home
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Designed as a personal project, Regan Johnston created this home / coastal retreat for himself whilst working at Mason and Wales Architects. This small project garnered both national awards and international interest in Regan's work which continues to generate enquiries for Johnston Architects to this day.

"Perched on a sand dune thirty minutes from Dunedin, surrounded by DIY fishing shacks, this structure takes the kiwi bach to a new level. Its simple gabled form and natural materials are honest, simple and robust – its rawness is its charm. Sustainability is unquestioned – there was no waste in the design, construction, or build time. This bach is at once stimulating and restful. An uplifting living space – the least expensive property we viewed – but one of the most inspiring. Like a haiku!"

2013 - NZIA Awards Jury Citation


Taieri Mouth



Floor area



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